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Silver Lake Wines

At Silver Lake, it's our mission to enrich people's lives by sharing the wine experience. We would like to cordially invite you to join our Platinum Club, an exclusive opportunity to receive and experience out premium wines

form all of our brands two times a year.


Creamy scents of clover and honey give our Riesling a subtle richness that helps to balance the sweetness of this wine. On the palate sweet honey and candied pineapple flavors are forward and lush, while accents of pear and a touch of spice give some complexity to the sweet and almost sugary core. This an exemplary after-dinner sipper.

Alcohol      11.6%

T.A.              8.1 g/L

pH               2.8

R.S.              3.15%

CO2             1850 ppm

Tannin        N/A


A new take on Chardonnay, this wine is fermented only in stainless steel, revealing a pure expression of the varietal, with crisp citrus flavors, lovely acidity and a silky texture. This Chardonnay is well-suited for light appetizers or as an accompaniment to virtually any fish or chicken dish. It’s a crisp, transparent straw color with a fresh pineapple aroma. Soft, pleasant and flavorful on the palate, this wine delivers a load of fruit including citrus, pineapple and apricot.

Alcohol      13.9%

T.A.              6.45 g/L

pH               3.55

R.S.              Dry

CO2             1350 ppm

Tannin        N/A


A light, crisp and refreshing white wine with notable acidity, this wine evokes scents of grapefruit and green melon. Zesty flavors of citrus and tropical fruits are accented with a mild herbal finish. This is a very versatile food wine that can complement everything from shellfish and Caesar salad to fried chicken and aged Jarlsberg cheese.

Alcohol      13.4%

T.A.              5.55 g/L

pH               3.089

R.S.              Dry

CO2             1555 ppm

Tannin        N/A


 Aromas of rhubarb and strawberries are experienced first from this refreshing and delightfully nuanced wine. This fruity and intriguing rose finishes dry and crisp with hints of raspberries, cherries and tangerines and lovely floral notes. It will pair well with lighter dishes, such as poultry such as roast chicken, grilled herbed salmon, and a wide variety of salads, cheeses and lighter desserts.

Alcohol      13.4%

T.A.              .66 g/L

pH               3.39

R.S.              Dry

CO2             1500 ppm

Tannin        N/A


With hints of dark cherry, tobacco, pepper, and chocolate, this is a classic Cabernet Sauvignon. The mouth feel is full and gripping with nice tannins and an extremely smooth finish. Enjoy this wonderfully full-bodied wine with meaty, tomato-based pastas; lamb; steaks or even a good old-fashioned cheeseburger.

Alcohol      13.9%

T.A.              5.8g/L

pH               3.695

R.S.              0.02%

CO2             160 ppm

Tannin        587 mg/L


Reliable as usual, this soft, cherry and vanilla-flavored Merlot is pure varietal, fruity and ready to drink immediately. The tannins are extremely light, through a hint of green wood and oak sneaks into the finish. The result is an easy-drinking Merlot laced with black fruit and bittersweet chocolate. Enjoy this wine with savory dishes like grilled flank steak or roasted duck.

Alcohol      13.5%

T.A.              5.7 g/L

pH               3.69

R.S.              Dry

CO2             475 ppm

Tannin        506 mg/L


Our Roza Red Blend reveals an aromatic nose of anise and dark cherries with fig, plum, and smoky oak flavors on the palate. Excellent ripeness and roundness in the mouth converge into a lengthy finish in this wine. Pair this full-bodied red wine with grilled sirloin steak and mushroom risotto, and for dessert try it with a rich dark chocolate bar.

Alcohol      13.9%

T.A.              5.75 g/L

pH               3.71

R.S.              Dry

CO2             450 mg/L

Tannin         496 mg/L


Medium-bodied and smooth, this wine is easy drinking and is specially blended to pair with a wide range of foods while delivering surprising complexity and richness. Our Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is cherry-red in color with an aroma of chocolate, cola, and dark berry. Flavors of black cherry, chocolate and spice dominate, with silky tannins on the finish.

Alcohol      13.9%

T.A.              6.0 g/L

pH               3.66

R.S.              0.02%

CO2             160 ppm

Tannin        594 mg/L

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