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Silver Lake Winemaking Philosophy
Silver Lake Cask Wines

Our Silver Lake ‘Cask Series’ wines are made for immediate consumption. This requires the winemaker to control the level of tannins and other compounds that usually require aging before the wine is ready. The time of skin and seed contact must be carefully monitored and the aging process must be completed with a limited amount of barrel contact. These wines are usually marketed within 12-18 months from the time of harvest and are made from grapes grown within the Rattle Snake Hills appellation.

Silver Lake Reserve Wines

Our Silver Lake ‘Reserve Series’ wines are designed for a broader segment of the super premium market segment. In Washington State a Reserve designation means that no more than 3,000 cases or 10% of a wineries’ production as a reserve wine and indicates the winemaker’s designation of this wine as higher quality than most wines from the winery.These wines are made in the classic French style using high quality production techniques and oak barrel aging. In addition, this series includes many of the Company’s limited release or vineyard designated wines. These wines are distributed in restaurants, high-end grocery stores and wine shops primarily located in the Northwest.

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